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Updated: Thursday, December 1, 2022

Ask the HOA Expert: Outdoor Furniture In The Common Area
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: A resident puts her outdoor furniture in the common area adjacent to her unit, insisting she was given permission by the developer.Answer: A claim that permission was granted by the developer is not valid since the developer has no right to grant some right to one that is not enjoyed by all. The board should advise the offending member...

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Tips for Choosing a Home Builder
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

If youve decided youre going to build a custom home rather than buying an existing one, the process of getting started can be intimidating. When you buy an existing home, you know what youre getting. When youre going to do a custom build, there is a lot of uncertainty.One of the first things you have to do is choose a home builder.The following ...

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Seven Ways to Ace a Minimalist Home Décor
Written By: Riley Swanson

Youd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasnt heard of minimalism. What started in the early 1960s as an art movement has since become a popular life>Minimalism in interior design is all about emphasizing utility. A minimalist home is intentional, with muted colors and limited objects. The end goal is to showcase the essentials in a chic and or...

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October Real Estate Roundup
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage broke seven percent for the first time since April 2002, leading to greater stagnation in the housing market. As inflation endures, consumers are seeing higher costs at every turn, causing further declines in consumer confidence this month. In ...

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How to Give Your Décor a Sustainable Makeover
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Sustainability and being more eco-friendly are top priorities for many of us right now. Luckily, you dont have to spend a fortune to make your life more sustainable, including your home dcor.The following are simple, practical ways you can cultivate a more sustainable interior design concept in your home for a greener and often healthier life>Ch...

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Here Are All the Tools You Need for Laying Tile Like a Pro
Written By: James Stevenson

Tiling might seem like an impossible DIY project, but it doesnt have to be. In fact, beginners can even take on a tiling project, as long as they have the right tools DIY tiling can save you a lot of money, so before you hire a pro, give some serious thought to whether you can take it on yourself.nbsp;Laying tile like a pro does require some spe...

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What is Negative Amortization?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Amortization is a process when you pay down your loan balance with the use of fixed payments. These are often monthly payments. If you buy a home with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, you pay the same amount each month. Your loan balance and the interest costs will decline over time.Your monthly payment in this situation is based on your loan bala...

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6 Tips to Help You Sell a Home During the Holidays
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Typically, the winter holiday season is not an optimal time to sell a home.The weather isnt conducive to showings, its the middle of the school year, and most people think about holiday planning and travel.Of course, there are some possible benefits. For example, if you sell your home in the winter, theres less competition because most people se...

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Daily Habits of Top Producing Real Estate Agents
Written By: Johnny Mo

Lets talk about daily habits.The definition of a Habit isa settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.So what does that mean?It means to do something without thinking about it.Some say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit, however some studies show it takes up to 66 days.This means Discipline is the key....

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Four Ways to Make Your Ceiling a Standout
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The floors: gleaming. The walls: painted. The knick knacks: perfectly placed. So why does your home still feelunfinished? Maybe its time to look up. Yes, all the way to that blank, boring ceiling.Anbsp;creative ceilingnbsp;can completelynbsp;change the look of a room, taking a space from so-so to stunning, said House Beautiful. Here are four way...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Payment Plans
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: We have a unit owner who is over a year delinquent. Our property manager took it upon herself to set up a payment plan to include the dues plus 50 extra per month. It will take over three years to pay off the late assessments Is it typical for managers to make this kind of decision without input from the board?Answer: No, the manager s...

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Make the Most of Your Backyard or Patio This Winter
Written By: Connie Adair

Cooler weather ahead doesnt mean you have to give up your precious outdoor space. In this year like no other, extra space is treasured and you need to enjoy your backyard or balcony as long as possible. Here are some tips to make the most of your space this fall and winter.Warm it upIn this climate, people dont tend to use their outdoor spaces i...

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Must-Know Real Estate Photography Tips
Written By: Realty Times Staff

When youre trying to sell a home, whether youre an owner, or youre a Realtor, the imagery you convey is one of the most important aspects of marketing. People are inherently visual, and if your photos online arent high-quality and visually appealing, youre not likely to garner interest in your property.Even if youre a photographer who wants to b...

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Being Asked to Co-sign? Know These Things First
Written By: David Reed

Helping a family member buy and finance a home is a noble thing. For first time buyers, sometimes there just isnt enough qualifying income to buy a home where they want to live. In some areas, home prices are simply too expensive for many. Thats when buyers who are close to qualifying but need a little push can ask for a co-signer. If youve been...

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5 Home Projects That Will Prevent Your Home From Flooding (For All Budgets)
Written By: Cristina Miguelez

Floods occur in many forms and in some ways are considered one of the worst natural disasters. Floods may happen in areas near a river or body of water, after a major rainfall that causes the water table to rise, and in your home if a pipe bursts.nbsp;Whatever the cause, floods cause more than 40 billion in damages each year. They are one of the...

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in Winter
Written By: Amy McConaghy

There are plenty of benefits to buying a home during the cold winter months. Generally, there are fewer people shopping for homes in the winter, which means you might have less competition when bidding on a house. Additionally, you have a higher chance of closing a deal - according to Zillow.nbsp;However, you need to take several key factors int...

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How Much More Could Housing Prices Drop?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

With soaring interest rates, homebuilder confidence continues to plunge. The metric declined for the 10th straight month in October, with continued weakening in demand. In September, there was an unexpected rise in new home sales, but economists were quick to warn that it would likely be short-lived. The National Association of Home Builders rec...

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How Important is Video Marketing?
Written By: Johnny Mo

This is a question I believe everyone should be asking themselves. I say this as a coach, entrepreneur, business owner and not to try and get sales.I am going to refer to a survey by Wyzowl.Think for a minute, Where is video applicable on social media? What platforms use video? What platforms are video-centric?Ya, pretty much all of them, or the...

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

5 Home Projects That Will Prev...
Floods occur in many forms and in some ways are considered one of the worst natural disaster...

3 Things to Consider Before Bu...
There are plenty of benefits to buying a home during the cold winter months. Generally, ther...

How Much More Could Housing Pr...
With soaring interest rates, homebuilder confidence continues to plunge. The metric declined...

How Important is Video Marketi...
This is a question I believe everyone should be asking themselves. I say this as a coach, en...

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